Point of Sale Solutions

Transactions are easier than ever with our POS software tailored to the specific needs of dry cleaners. Our system is intuitive to use and highly secure.Learn More »

Customer Gateway

Allow your customers to request pickups, view invoices, update accounts, and email messages directly from Fabricare Systems.Learn More »

Assembly Manager

Streamline your operations by utilizing our dry clean assembly system. You can enjoy the benefits of an automated assembly conveyor at a fraction of the cost.Learn More »

Piece Manager

FPM counts and times employee piecework without error and communicates garment messages between mark-in, plant, assembly, and front counter personnel.Learn More »

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The goal of our company is to help our clients ensure customer satisfaction by staying on track and managing information using our user-friendly software systems. That is why we don’t just provide you with the dry cleaner’s computer software you need, but also the training and tech support necessary for you to get the most out of your new POS system.

Eliminate mistakes while increasing productivity with the help of our dry cleaning software. Our POS works well for single dry-cleaning stores, multiple locations, or even large chains. Furthermore, a wide array of configuration settings are available so that you can customize your system to the exact way you do business.

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Girl worker Laundry man gives the client clean clothes at the dry cleaners

Dry Cleaning and The Future

Technology is allowing us to create a more seamless approach to a more traditional business. For your dry cleaning POS, we want to ensure that all transactions are sorted, organized, and easy to access. With customers ever gaining a love of instant access and gratification, speeding up the process is vital to stay on top of the changing times.

That isn’t to say that the quality of the traditional is lost. Every business owner knows that a dry cleaning conveyor is an essential component of their business. The larger the customer base, the more garments there are to store, which makes our software very useful for you. Organizing clothing is still most effective when it can be physically put somewhere. It can be traced through our system and can keep track of everything on the rack. With a scanned barcode, the system can analyze the history of each piece that is in your care. You can quickly find the right piece for your customer, or fix any issues should they occur. Our system can help your facility run more smoothly.

On the other hand, dry cleaning software can help bridge the gap between customers and the business owner. Our touch screen POS system has helped countless dry cleaners advance and improve their business quality. It can help keep track of the production, inventory, cash, and a variety of other business essentials.


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