Piece Manager

Are you looking to boost your dry cleaning software even further? Then we recommend checking out the Fabricare Systems, LLC’s add-on system Fabricare Piece Manager (FPM). FPM counts and times employee piecework without error and communicates garment messages between mark-in, plant, assembly, and front counter personnel.

This impressive piece of dry cleaning inventory management software can deliver more than 30 summary and detailed reports covering everything from analyzing piece costs and statistics to employee efficiency and garment messages. By using barcode scans, each workstation throughout the plant is able to capture, collect, and display garment-specific data so that each step of the process is performed accurately and correctly.

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Customer in dry-cleaner shop getting back her clothes

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Inventory

Each garment on every order created with our dry cleaning POS system ties directly back to its own scan-processing history. This enables you to recall the history of that piece with a simple press of the “Process History” button. That means if there is ever an issue, you can quickly find out what caused it and make the appropriate fixes to stop it from happening again.

Thanks to the tight integration of our software, your production, assembly dry-cleaning conveyor, and counter personnel are able to work together as an even more effective team. Contact us today to discuss adding our dry cleaning piece manager to your POS system.

Streamline Piece Management

Piece management is critical to grow and maintain a strong customer base for your business. The basis of our system is not only providing easy staff accessibility and customer satisfaction but prevents the loss of any clothing articles. Our dry cleaner POS system effectively tracks all pieces that are at that location with our tagging system.

When a customer returns for their clothing articles, all employees can search and find what they need. All pieces are hung on our dry cleaning conveyor, where everything is covered in protective plastic. You’ll be able to keep better control over the production of your dry cleaning facility as the system provides information on your employees as well. You’ll be able to see how many garments were being taken in and returned during their shift. This is because each employee has their own ID to work with the system.

This system can keep track of customer pieces from both walk-ins as well as pick-up services. Our dry cleaner POS system will prevent confusion and safely identify each garment accordingly. Making sure that your customers are satisfied with your services is what matters most to our company. That’s why we want to ensure all angles of your laundry business are covered.

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