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When it comes to boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of your business, the dry cleaning software from Fabricare Systems, LLC is second-to-none. Want to see for yourself? Then take a look at the demonstrations below to see just how easy it is for a clerk to check in clothes dropped off by a customer using our system, the customer picking up their dry cleaning using our system, the clerks being trained to use our system, and the automated assembly option using our Fabricare Assembly Manager (FAM).

By watching our dry cleaning POS software videos, you are able to quickly understand how our impressive software can make running your business that much easier. View the videos below for information about the following topics:

customer gateway app
  • Fabricare Manager Drop Off
  • Fabricare Manager Pickup
  • Fabricare Manager Training
  • Fabricare Assembly Manager

Solutions to Grow Your Profits

With the help of our team and software, you are able to easily sell, manage, report, and grow your retail dry cleaning business in every way. Just use our thoroughly integrated dry cleaning software to reduce your costs and watch your profits grow.

Have more questions or concerns? Contact us to schedule a guided tour of our software so you can better understand all of the benefits it brings to the table. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Dry Cleaning Route Mobility and Our Software

Customers won’t always be able to come to your store to drop off their laundry. It’s convenient to have a routing system that makes pick-up and delivery services available. With busy schedules all around, having dry cleaning route mobility is sure to give you the upper hand in the laundry industry. Accessibility is our strongest focus for our software, both for our clients and your customers.

Route mobility makes it easier to add or remove customers to your pick-up and delivery routes. Our dry cleaning software stores all of this information on our app Fabricare Customer Gateway For our delivery and pick-up crew, this app allows them to avoid traffic and collect information about their routes as they travel. For dry cleaning software, we concentrate on moving forward technologically to make productivity more streamlined and seamless.

Our dry cleaning route mobility has all the route data synced with the POS system of that specific location. It can be accessed and referenced for review. As time goes on, your drivers will be able to get to customers on time and much faster. Nothing beats quick customer service; you can connect and contact customers via email or text through the application as well. By connecting with the customer so quickly, you can send them their receipts as a PDF with the option of wireless printing. To find out more about how our software works, we have demo videos available on our website.

Dropping Off

Picking Up


Fabricare Assembly Manager

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