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Managing your dry cleaning business has never been easier than with Fabricare Systems, LLC’s dry cleaning POS touchscreen system. Since 1999, companies from across the country have been using our software and hardware to effortlessly control their cash, inventory, production, and just about any other aspect of their business.

Based on Microsoft Windows and a specially-designed touchscreen interface, our POS software is a remarkably reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use system that will increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Innovative Dry Cleaning POS Touchscreen System
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Essential Functions, Intuitive Design

Providing you with an optimal combination of logic and sophistication, Fabricare Manager enables users to take advantage of large buttons and uncluttered menus so they can fill in information that improves accuracy and efficiency. Functions–like pricing and cashing out–can be completed in seconds using our system, as clerks are able to adapt quickly to minimize the number of steps it takes to complete a transaction.

Payment isn’t the only way our POS system for dry cleaners helps you. This state-of-the-art system provides drop-off, invoicing, and pick-up functions, as well as a client-server system that authorizes credit cards, prints the heat seal and perma-fiber tags, and compiles inventory, sales, and customer details.

These centralized data statistics deliver instant insight into your process quality, marketing results, and employee productivity. By using our system, more than 75 different management reports can be accessed and printed.

Security for Your Clients

The goal of making it easier for you to do your job doesn’t come at the cost of your customers’ security. We provide enhanced protection for your customers’ credit card data by incorporating end-to-end encryption (E2EE) with tokenization. That means any credit or debit cards used are processed securely at the point of sale, while the card data may be kept on file for future billing.

Since the cloud-based POS system never touches clear-text cardholder data, this method enables our system to exceed PCI-DSS compliance requirements, which saves you time and money. Furthermore, your customers can rest assured that their cardholder security is both your and our top priority.

Dry Cleaning POS System Features

  • Robust Pricing Options
  • PCI-Compliant Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Text and Email Capabilities
  • Internal Mail
  • Image Library
  • Secure Employee Access
  • Prepay Module
  • Advanced Route Delivery
  • Route Agent Handling
  • Valet and Business-to-Business Capabilities
  • Problem/Resolution Manager
  • Loyalty Program
  • Coupon Analysis
  • Barcode Labels
  • Auto-Assembly Interfaces
  • Tag Styles
  • Lot Control
  • Workload Metering
  • Thermal Printers
  • And Many More!
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12 Reasons Customers Choose Our Cloud-Based and Standalone POS Systems

1. Improved Operational Efficiency Helps Control Labor Costs
2. More Accurate Pricing Enhances Revenue
3. Improved Cash and Inventory Controls Reduce Claims for Missing Garments and Loss
4. Multiple Levels of Operator Security Provide an Audit Trail of Employee Activity and Help Prevent Theft
5. Flexible Mark-in and Counter Operation Methods Accommodate All Types of Operations
6. Robust Databases Enable Customer Loyalty Programs and Other Marketing Opportunities
7. Optional Heat-Seal Garment Barcodes Automate Assembly and Increase Production Capacity
8. The Most User-Friendly Touch Screens Available
9. Ultra-Secure, PCI-Compliant, Integrated Card Processing
10. Multi-Store Capabilities Provide Real-Time Data Processing, Reporting, and Employee Communications
11. Based on the Latest Windows Operating Systems
12. Prompt, Courteous Support from Certified Technicians, Maintaining Smooth System Operation

Secure Card Processing via End-to-End Encryption with Tokenization

End-to-End-Encryption (E2EE) with Tokenization provides secure point of sale card processing and the ability to safely maintain a card on file for recurring customers. Our partner in providing this technology is WorldPay FIS and Global Payments, a proven leader in card processing.

By incorporating this technology into our point of sale dry cleaning software, Fabricare Manager also meets and exceeds all PA-DSS requirements. This allows merchants to enjoy significant savings in maintaining compliance while customers are assured of secure transactions and identity safeguards.

EMV Card Present Protection

As of September 9, 2015, Fabricare Manager and Fabricare Manager MRC are certified for EMV transaction processing with the latest software release. Using the Verifone Vx805® and P400®, the EMV solution encompasses chip and PIN, chip and signature, swiped entry, contactless, and keyed entry. The solution automatically includes contactless Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Contact our staff if you have any questions about our POS software specially designed for dry cleaners. We are proud to serve business owners throughout the United States and worldwide.

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