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Rely on our company to help you manage your dry cleaning business effectively and efficiently. Fabricare Manager is dedicated to presenting the most user-friendly and supportive solutions as possible for our clients. As one of our valued customers, we are pleased to present you with the following guided tours of our dry cleaning management software solutions. We offer solutions for you whether you need help managing your assembly, piece count, route management, or more.

Choose from the list of Fabricare Systems tutorials on this page for a guided tour of our software’s essential functions. For technical support on products from Fabricare Systems, LLC, please call (770) 966-9323. Our friendly professional IT team can guide you on a computer software need or how to manage your dry cleaning conveyor system.

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Guided Tour: Cash Out


Hi. Let’s take a look at Fabricare Manager’s Cash Out function. Cash Out is used when customers come in to retrieve their garments and pay.

If you’re not already logged in to Fabricare Manager at the Clerk Menu, enter your ID and press OK.

Now, from the icons on the left side of the screen, go ahead and select the Cash Out button.

The (blue rectangle) toggle lets you choose how to look up an order. You can do this with four different criteria. You can search by Last Name, by the customer’s Phone Number, by Work Order number or by the number of the Invoice. We’ll use the Last Name lookup and type in the word “test” as a sample name.

As we began typing, we saw the “Test, Test” customer name and selected it to go to that customer’s payment screen. Here we see the “Test, Test” customer’s invoices, amount summaries, pieces and invoice numbers.

Select the invoices for this pickup, and then press Tender at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen displays all of the payment options. Here you can see Cash, which is what we’ll use for this $4.00 payment. The other payment choices are by Check and also by Credit Card. You can even split the customer’s payments between Cash, Check or Credit.

On the right side of the screen, we see the amounts that are being used for each payment type.

Press the Approve button to collect payment. Then, press Sales Receipt at the bottom (if a customer wants one), or Done to complete the transaction.

You’re now back to the original Cash Out screen. Hit Cancel to go back to the Clerk Menu.

Guided Tour: Adjust Account


Fabricare Manager’s Adjust Account function is used when you need to make changes to a customer’s account, such as: adding credits, listing debits or paying a garment claim.

Log in to Fabricare Manager and press Helper (at the bottom left) to reveal the icons that include Adjust Account (which is second from the top).

After pressing the Adjust Account button, we type in a customer’s last name — “George” in this example — and select the account that comes up for “George, Jason.”

We’ll assign a Sales Credit to the account by pressing that button (on the top right). We then type in a Reason. In this case, we’ll say, “Good Customer Credit.” Next, we enter the Amount of the credit, which we’ll say is $5.00. Press Save to add the credit to Mr. George’s account.

Now, let’s now try assigning a Customer Debit. Back at the Helper menu, we press Adjust Account again and bring up the George account.

This time, we select the Sales Debit button. In the Reason field, let’s go ahead and type in Balance Owed. The amount to be debited is also $5.00, and we press Save to assign the debit to the George account.

There are some other useful options on the “Adjust Account” screen.

Those buttons include:

  • Pay Garment Claim, which is used for damaged items for which the customer needs reimbursement.
  • Pay Refund is for customers who are dissatisfied with the cleaning and need to be compensated.
  • Deposit Prepay can add a dollar amount for the customer to use for future garment pickups.
  • And Credit Card Utility is for charging a card without an invoice.
Guided Tour: Change Order


Hi. Fabricare Manager’s Change Order function is used to revise invoices for price modification, adding items, splitting orders, reprints and more.

Enter your ID to access the system and select Change Order from the clerk menu. You can then either scan the invoice barcode or type in the invoice number as we’re doing here. The invoice is displayed, and there are several options at the bottom of the screen.

For this demonstration we’ll use the Split option. Pressing Split opens the Split screen — with the original invoice on the left and a new, blank invoice on the right.

Select an item to be split to the new invoice and press the Split button. The item moves from the original invoice to the new one. Press Done and the Calendar appears in case the new invoice needs a new ready date. Press Save to create and print the new invoice. The old invoice indicates the split by displaying the number of the new invoice.

The Redo option also brings up two invoices — the original on the left and a new one on the right. Highlight an item and press Redo. Then press Done and then Save at the Calendar screen to keep the original invoice (minus the pieces to be redone) and the new invoice with a price of zero for the items to be reprocessed.

The Edit option of Change Order allows for several other changes to the invoice. Pressing the Edit button reveals a list of common reasons and a box to input any reason not listed. In this case, we’ll use Change Price as the reason. Click OK to move to the Edit Invoice screen.

As an example, we can remove the black-and-white striped dress from this invoice by selecting it and pressing Delete. Let’s say we then need to add a couple of other items in place of the dress we just deleted. Let’s add two skirts. (This is all explained in more detail in the Invoicing Guided Tour video.) Press OK for the total of two skirts, then Save at the bottom right of the next screen and, finally, Save again at the Calendar screen to complete the process and bring you back to the Change Order screen. Press Reprint at the bottom of the screen, then Print Invoice at the top of the next one and Exit at the bottom.

The Void option can be used to remove invoices that may have been created twice. Similar to Edit, there is a preset list of reasons to Void an invoice, but other reasons can also be entered. Select the reason (“Item On Another Invoice Already” in this case) and press OK. A window will open to confirm or cancel. Press Yes to void the invoice and then Cancel to exit the Change Order screen and return to the Clerk Menu.

And that’s it for the Change Order function.

Guided Tour: Price Work Order


Hi. To Price a Work Order in Fabricare Manager, we use the Work Order screen.

Enter your ID and then click on the Work Order button under the Order menu on the left side.

Toggle the blue button to Work Order, scan the barcode or type the work order number and then press Enter and then OK for any Invoice Reminder popup.

The Invoice Writing screen appears. The Cleaning Department has already been selected during the Work Order Creation process, so we can go ahead and press the desired category for a list of options for that category.

Select the garment, color and pattern. Once the options for your garment are displayed correctly on the right side of the screen, press the add item button and you are returned to the category selection screen. Continue to add additional garments as needed, following the steps for each. Make sure they have all displayed correctly on the right side of the screen.

When all items have been added, press Save and the invoice completion screen appears. Here you can indicate Coupons, Add Notes, change the ready date, create a new invoice or Save-Print this invoice to finish the process. After Saving and Printing, hit Cancel at the Work Order screen to return to the Clerk Menu.

And that’s it for Pricing a Work Order.

Guided Tour: Add/Edit Customer


Hi. Let’s look at how to Add or Edit Customers with your Fabricare Manager system.

After signing in to the software with your ID, go to the bottom left of the screen to select the Helper button and then select Edit Customer at the top.

We type in the customer’s Last Name in the first field and then the First Name in the second field. You can enter, tab or touch to move to the next line. Once the first and last names have been completed, press Add Customer or Enter and Yes to confirm adding this customer — Jason George.

The next screen displayed is the General customer information screen. Here is where you enter the address, phone numbers, starch preference and reminders that can be displayed every time the customer is invoiced.

We’ll type in some sample info for the address (“123 Main Street,” in this case), city is “Anywhere”, the state is just “ST” for our sample, a zip code of “55555,” and a phone number of “770-555-1212.” In the Invoice Reminder section, we’ll put “Crease Sleeves.” Let’s also change “Do Not Print” to “Print With Invoices.”

Next, we press the Email button and are taken to the email setup screen. This is where we can specify if the customer wants to receive email communication and which types. We enter the main contact email address in the Contact Address field. This email can then be copied to the other fields, or different addresses can be used for the various types of correspondence and notification.

We put “” for the main Contact Address, and for the “Order Ready” email we’ll put a different one — “”

Press the Discounts button to provide automatic discounts for certain customers such as employees, senior citizens or military personnel. All discounts are customizable and can be assigned or removed as needed, including setting automatic expiration dates. You can even choose the Birthday discount to give customers discounts for their birthday week.

Press the General tab to change the starch or hanger preference, enable or disable heatseals and allow or remove a customer’s permission to pay by check.

We press the Cash Account button to set the customer’s billing details, which can be Cash Account, Statement Billed or Credit Card Billed. We select Statement Billed and press OK.

The Front Counter button can be used to assign a customer to a price list different from the default store or front counter one.

When all data or changes are complete, we save this record and add it to the customer database.

And that’s it for Adding or Editing Customers.

Guided Tour: Invoice Without Work Order


Hi. Let’s look at Fabricare Manager’s function for “How to Invoice Without a Work Order.”

To begin, enter your ID at the Clerk menu and then press OK.

Now, select the Invoice button from the middle of the Order menu on the left side of the screen.

Use the blue toggle button to bring up the Last Name option and start typing the customer’s last name.

If the name is already in your customer database, it will appear below. Continue typing until the list narrows to show the customer you seek. To add any new customers, see the “Customer Creation” Guided Tour.

Click the name (and OK, if any Invoice Reminder pops up) to go to the Invoicing screen.

We choose the Cleaning department in this case and then select the “Dresses and Skirts” button from the items shown.

We now proceed to select each item, its color and also the item’s pattern, if there is one.

When there are exact duplicate items, we can use the multiplier to add them to the invoice. When we’re done, the “2 black-and-white, striped dresses” will show on the invoice on the right side of the screen.

Now, let’s add a couple of shirts to the order.

If there are multiple items, but the color and pattern are different, we will use the sum option to add these multiple items of different colors.

The items that we are adding — a “Navy Lace Shirt” and a “Red, Multi-colored” one — will also show up on the invoice.

Once all items have been entered, we hit the Save button to move to the invoice completion screen.

Here we can change the “Ready On” date, if necessary, and we can also add such things as any coupons, discounts, notes, merchandise purchased or service fees.

We can also edit the customer info, if needed, by clicking the name in the upper right corner of the screen. See that we can correct the street number of the customer’s address from 123 to 124 Main Street and save it by pressing OK.

Once the invoice is done, press the Save-Print button and then Cancel to return to the Clerk Menu.

And that’s the invoice writing process without using a work order.

Guided Tour: Work Order Creation


Hi. Fabricare Manager’s Work Order Creation function does exactly that.

Enter your ID at the Clerk Menu and press OK.

Select the Work Order button at the top of the Order menu to bring up the Work Order screen.

Use the blue toggle button to access the Last Name option, and start typing the customer’s last name.

Click the name of the customer for which the work order will be created and OK for any Invoice Reminder that may pop up.

At the Department screen, we choose the Cleaning department, enter 2 for the the number of pieces and press OK.

The Cleaning screen can be used to indicate Coupons, Add Notes, change the date and time of completion and create an additional work order for the same customer.

Pressing the Minus or Plus button next to the Ready On date moves the date backward or forward one day, and the calendar that appears can also be used to select a different day.

Pressing Minus or Plus next to the time moves the Ready time back or up one hour.

We select the Coupons, etc. button to reveal options for Coupons, Discounts or Service Fees. In this example, we’ll press Coupons and then select the $5 off Coupon and apply it.

You may now select Another Department or the Next Work Order. In this case, we choose Next Work Order. We’ll add a Household item — one piece— and press OK.

Now, press Finished and then Cancel at the Work Order screen to return to the Clerk menu.

And that’s it for Work Order Creation.

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