When time is money, help from Marlin is now minutes away. Fabricare Systems, LLC has been pre-approved! Break your dry cleaners computer software cost down into easy payments with easy-to-manage financing plans from Marlin.

Marlin is here to help support and grow your business with an outstanding dry cleaner’s computer system. Since 1997, Marlin has provided customized equipment financing solutions to more than 300,000 small businesses allowing them to update software, replace obsolete equipment, secure their business capital, and grow their businesses. No matter the size of a business, effectively managing cash flow is crucial for success. By using equipment financing, you can procure the right equipment through a financing plan that fits your budget, rather than with the capital or cash currently available to you.

Innovative Dry Cleaning POS Touchscreen System

Benefits of Financing

100% Financing

Finance 100% of your equipment or software purchase.


Buy your equipment today for just a small monthly payment. Customize your payment plan or even defer payments.

Tax Advantages

By financing your equipment, the amount you save in taxes could be greater than what you pay in the first year.

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