Route Manager

Traffic and other delays can keep you from getting your deliveries dropped off on time, but what if there was a way to minimize the amount of time it takes for your drivers to get around town? That is what Route Pal, our dry cleaning route software, is designed to do.

Designed for Apple iOS and Google Android, this app allows drivers to collect, manage, and sync route data as they run their route. This helps them avoid troublesome traffic, guzzling gas, and other road and financial hazards to delivery services. The app even features bag tag scanning, delivery order scanning, and turn-by-turn directions with traffic avoidance. Contact Fabricare Systems, LLC today to learn all about our improved dry cleaner route management system.

Contact us to learn more about our route software for dry cleaners. Remember to ask us about our comprehensive dry-cleaning POS system for business owners throughout the United States and worldwide.

App Features

  • Connects to your route data in Fabricare Manager.
    Sync collected data back to Fabricare Manager when the route is finished.
    Retains the history of finished routes for later review.
  • Contains customer contact information for each stop.
    Communicate with customers by email, text, or phone call.
    Navigate to stop using turn-by-turn directions.
  • Delivery receipts and manifests contain garment detail and automatically
    subtotal member orders in billing groups.  Customization options include
    document title and formats for packing list or order list with charge totals.
  • Delivery receipts can require a signature and be sent as email PDF
    attachments to your customers instantly.  Wireless print option available
    based on mobile device and printer capabilities.

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